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Lowe's work is influenced by their ever-changing emotions and situations she finds herself in daily. Lowe states that "Everything is always shifting around us, fleeting further away from us.  I try to convey a stream of internal dialogue through various forms of ‘impressions’ (as in: press in); paint to canvas, fingers to clay and so forth." This dialogue reflects the conscious quarrel concerning aspects of being sexuality, spirituality, and state of the world, through the eyes of a ‘woman’. Lowe proclaims within their work the notion that we all have subjective experiences but somehow, collectively, we are all one.

 These visceral layers of paint, Polly filler and miscellaneous objects, overwrite each other- juxtaposing sludgy layers of authenticity. Media are manipulated to create a sludgy concoction which is nontraditional, for example hand soap, leftover plaster, paper, artist manifestos and everything else one would accumulate in the ‘artiste’ studio. The soap acts as a thickening agent for her paint, close up one can notice all of the details and texture through the constant abusing of the canvas/clay ect. The motifs consist of three core elements: writing, the characters they create, and the various objects incorporated into her expanded paintings. The writing is a translation of experience into its most apprehensible form. The characters reflect the experience, a more literal manifestation of how they feel, a diagram. Finally, there are the objects which are incorporated into the sculptural paintings- these are items which are often accumulate, objects found around their bedroom/living space, the artists hair, and other ‘bits n bobs.’ 

Graffiti Wall

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